Friday, July 4, 2014

WX5ASA Linked System

Welcome to the WX5ASA Echolink and IRLP information page!

The WX5ASA system is comprised of:

444.650+ PL 100442.050+ PL 100 repeater in Altus, OK  and 146.895- PL 100 repeaters near Eldorado, OK are linked together

147.345+ repeater on Walsh Mountain near Granite, OK is a D-Star repeater

147.285+ PL 100 repeater in Altus, OK 

and the IRLP device operates on 147.51 in Altus, OK is down for maintenance.

Also, on 146.79- PL 100, the group operates a wide area, split site repeater.

Here is a link to listen to your Altus area friends.

This system is open to all amateurs within range.  When using the repeater, please listen first to see that Skywarn traffic is not present.  When talking, key up for one second before talking and leave spaces between your transmissions so Internet users have a chance to talk.

Don't forget to use RepeaterBook to keep up to date with what is new around you.

Please use the Public DTMF codes to operate the Link.

Time and Temp *6
What is the Node Status *4
Reconnect Last connected *69 (the "call waiting" feature)
Disconnect 73
xxxxxx = Dial in the node / station number directly to connect for IRLP stations or use #xxxxxx to connect to Echolink stations

Some "SpeedDial" connections are:

*90 WX-Talk Skywarn Conference
*91 K5RAV-L system
*92 South Coast Amateur Radio System
*94 K6VGP system (used for QCWA net)
9669 Used for weekly net (Monday night at 8 p.m. Central Time)
*97 Arkansas Skywarn system
*98 N5UBY Enid 
*99 Amateur Radio Newsline (use sparingly until changes are made)
4292 W1AW IRLP
#48439 N5API system in Winfield, KS
#494492 Handihams
3704 Lawton

73 disconnects 
*4  gives node status
*7  gives date and time
*12 reconnect to last node
*69 reconnects to call waiting node
*111 gives current weather

Keep checking back here for updates.  Please use comments for questions.

Please remember when you connect to a station wait a few seconds after connection successful before you start transmitting to give the system enough time to start transmitting any audio that is already in progress from the station.

Also please remember to disconnect after you are completed with your conversation.

Please feel free to visit our Group on Facebook and join the AJ5Q weekly net on the U-Node Conference or IRLP 9669 Monday night at 8 p.m. Central USA time.